Our Services

Risks Identification and management

– Design and construction risks identification, analysis and evaluation;

– Risks audit, monitoring and control;

– Analysis of the potential risks of the existing signed contracts;

– Alert client to potential variations, delays, disputes and cost overruns;

– Claims risk assessment and management; and

– Dispute avoidance.


Contracts Management

– Preparation of construction contracts.

– Setting the procurement strategies.

– Negotiation of construction contracts.

– Tender evaluation and recommendation.

– Contracts auditing and administration during construction phase.

– Creation of effective change-management procedures.

– Change Management .


Claims Consultancy

– Analysis of construction claims during construction phase;

– Delay analysis and preparation of delay impact submissions.

– Document control systems.

– Identification and notification of events.

– Claims evaluation,preparation ,rebuttal and resolution.

– Claims Audit.

– Extension of time documentation.

– Loss and expense submissions

Cost Management and Quantity Surveying

– Benchmarking that identify that best practices in the market.

– Cash flow forecasting.

– Cost Control.

– Cost Consultancy.

– Cost In-Use and Whole life Costing.

– Cost Planning.

– BOQ Preparation.

– Evaluation of Interim and Final Payments.

– Feasibility Studies.


Project Planing and Scheduling


– Baseline Programmes.

– Progress auditing, monitoring and updating.

– Critical path analysis and float ownership.

– Acceleration programming.

– On-site construction observation and progress reporting.

– Interface co-ordination.

– Project progress audit





Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

– Audit of dispute resolution(s).

– Lead the amicable settlement meetings.

– Participation in dispute adjudication boards.

– Act as Counsel in Construction Arbitration.

– Statement of Claim and Defense.

– Expert Witness and testimony in the different Engineering fields.